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Dear colleagues!

We assume that a significant proportion of all patients with cancer develop it due to a genetic predisposition. There are various open questions for patients with cancer predisposition syndromes:

  • What is the benefit of the early detection recommended by experts?

  • Are there genotype-phenotype correlations?

  • How high are the cancer risks in different age groups?

  • What is the prognosis of cancer in patients with a genetic predisposition to cancer?

  • What are the particular side effects of the therapy?

  • How can the therapy of people with a predisposition to cancer be improved?

  • What are the biological processes that lead to the development of cancer?

To answer such questions and to learn more about and from patients with cancer predisposition syndromes, we have established a registry. You are welcome to download the register protocol, patient information, registration forms, and consent forms later on this page. The register is now open to all known cancer predisposition syndromes. Both children and adults can be registered.

Dear patients, dear parents!

You are welcome to call your treatment team on this tab and, if you wish, to ask you or your child to contact us. In particular, through research in this area, we can also improve medical treatment for the affected patients in the long term.

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