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Online-Portal für Krebsprädispositionssyndrome (KPS)

Online-Portal für Krebsprädispositionssyndrome (KPS)




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Integration of FAR01 in LFS-CPS-R01

2023-03-02T12:56:10+01:0021. November 2019|

The Fanconi Anaemia Registry has been affiliated to the Cancer Predisposition Syndrome Registry since January 2020. This has significantly simplified the administrative structures. However, this does not change anything for the registered patients. A click on the picture above will take you to further information about the affiliation.

First LFS Family Meeting in Hannover

2018-04-23T01:59:08+02:0019. March 2018|

We are looking forward to the first Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Family Meeting held on 28th and 29th of July at Hannover Medical School. This will be a great possibility to receive information and facilitate the exchange between interested LFS families and LFS health professionals. Registration is now available on our website.

First BWS Family Meeting in Hannover

2018-04-23T02:18:01+02:0015. March 2018|

We are looking forward to the first Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome Family Meeting held on 23th and 24th of June at Hannover Medical School. Patients, their families and BWS experts or interested physicians are invited to participate. We expect informative presentations and lively discussions.

4th international LFS Association Symposium in Toronto

2018-04-23T02:24:47+02:0028. December 2017|

The 4th international LFS Association Symposium hosted by The Hospital for Sick Children is held on 25th-29th of April in Toronto, Canada. Presenting clinical and scientific aspects of LFS, the conference addresses to professionals as well as patients.

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